Vintage Scissors

Welcome to MY FIRST BLOG!

Sew Saturday is not far away now & there is still a great deal to do.

I hope many of you will be able to come & visit my shop. There will be short demonstrations going on all week and my new kits will be available too. Look forward to meeting new & old customers alike.

The purpose of this, and future blogs is to encourage, inspire & share. I have a long-held belief that everyone can be, and what’s more, should be creative. The benefits of being creative have been documented by far greater minds than me. However, I do have practical experience of this.

Lock-down was difficult for everyone. We all had a set of peculiar circumstances that we had to navigate our way through the best we could.  I would sit in my sewing studio with a coffee and seriously not want to lift a needle. I idly sat there enjoying my coffee and the view through my window. I would flick through ideas and fabrics, pick up a book and look through it. Eventually I would find myself deeply involved in a new piece of work. Before I knew it, I was getting really excited about the possibilities of lino printing. I can only describe the feeling when I realised what was happening as “smiling on the inside”. I know it sounds corny but that’s what happened, not once but regularly. I came away from my studio in a better frame of mind. The time in my studio had improved my mentally wellbeing. Now I didn’t create a masterpiece in any one of those sessions and, believe me, there were many sessions, but it was successful. I was successful. So my advice to you all is “CREATE.“

This blog is a creative piece of work and for me is a leap of faith that:

  • Can I do it?

Writing this blog is so far out of my comfort zone.

  • Will people want to read it?

I find the written word very difficult. I know what I want to say but the process of converting my thoughts into written words on a screen is difficult and frustrating for me. However, as I am writing this, I feel my confidence growing through a sense of achievement; and I’m also expanding my field of creativity!

So, jump in and…….”LET’S BE CREATIVE.”