A little about the shop

The shop has been in existence since 2015. I worked in the shop part-time & delivered workshops. 3 years ago the owner wanted to sell and All Sewn Up By Debs was born.

It took a deal of courage to take the shop on but I am so very glad I did. I love my shop, my customers & everything related. My vision has always been to be a little bit different, even quirky, but also helpful, friendly & inspiring. I aim to give the best possible experience to all my customers.

All the stock is chosen for its quality, whether that’s fabric, buttons, haberdashery.

I am constantly moving the business forward & the next stage is this website which is an exciting move forward.

Please come & visit my shop & my fabulous NEW website.


And now a little about me…


I have for a very long time wanted to share my creative ramblings. Now it’s been made possible by my new website.

So I will make a start. My passion has always been to make, use of my hands. I can remember as a young child making rag dolls on an old singer sewing machine. They were truly ghastly, I had no pattern, I just did it. I feel excited, contented, happy & a good deal of other things when I am creating stuff. It’s better than any therapy.

My story is a simple one really, I was not so good at the academic side of school but thrived at the creative, hands-on subjects. It gave me even at a tender age an enormous amount of accomplishment.

I left school with a handful of qualifications, I was set for a very ordinary career.